SmartDrone is an innovative drone company, offering a new solution to surveyors through LiDAR technology.


SmartDrone pioneers have decades of experience inventing, manufacturing, and bringing groundbreaking products to market. From cellphones to satellites, from rockets to drones to robotics, this team is world-class. Having diverse careers and backgrounds, we are able to deliver trailblazing solutions with the launch of SmartDrone Discovery.


SmartDrone is "The U.S.A. Drone Company." High-speed, automated, and accurate physical data collection is a high-value emerging technology. Both the systems and data are crucial security concerns for commercial markets and the U.S. Government. SmartDrone designs and manufactures in Tyler, Texas, USA. We source from U.S.-based companies first, giving priority to those that design and manufacture domestically.


Savvy and market-leading Professional Surveyors are the initial customers of SmartDrone. We are grateful to these innovative and growth-focused companies that have chosen SmartDrone because of its great value for delivering the fastest and best survey data to their clients. Satisfied surveyors are leading SmartDrone into other markets such as civil engineering, infrastructure inspection, and insurance data gathering. The U.S. DoD and many other markets are ready to experience the power of Discovery.

"The U.S.A. Drone Company"™


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