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Validation Scan. Side-by-side at your job.

Validation Scan cost goes toward purchase. If you like the data - use it for your deliverable.

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Provide us with a Google Pin or KML file and our team will coordinate to meet your crew on site.

SmartDrone is fully insured

We carry a manufacturers insurance policy as well as a general liability policy, which cover both our drones and our staff when they're in the field.

Meet your crew in the field

When you click to Schedule a Demo above, you will be asked a number of questions about the job you have in mind. Our team will reach out to confirm details.

Our team operates Discovery

While your crew completes the job using traditional methods, our team will safely fly Discovery, collecting accurate LIDAR data.

Review data in the field

Using SmartDrone's one-click processing, we review the data and generate point files as well as 1-foot contour maps automatically - copying them to USB. Internet is not required.

Data delivered to you

When the scan is complete, SmartDrone team members will deliver your data in person on USB, or with a link for downloading the data.


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