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Upcoming: September 17th - Houston, TX

We build small industrial drones for leaders in surveying and civil engineering who are responsible for delivering one foot contours to their customers. We listen and develop targeted solutions.

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“progress and results from data processing”

“more about LIDAR Drones”

“insight about drone technology and the process”

“resources available to help be successful on FAA exam”

What to Expect

Coffee & Lunch

We will provide all the coffee you can drink! Lunch will be provided as well (sandwich, cookie, pickle, chips).


Take a tour of our Tyler, Texas manufacturing facility. Get a glimpse into the life of a startup and see how you can help.

LIDAR Overview

Hear from remote sensing and point cloud experts on the basics of LIDAR data, how points are collected, and how point clouds work in hybrid workflows.

Pt. 107 Resources

Get access to the process and exclusive resources our team has used to achieve a 100% pass rate on the FAA Pt. 107 Certification process.

Planning & Flying

See how easy it is to plan a mission in the office, receiving instruction on ideal settings. Then head to the field and see Discovery in action!

In-Field Data Review

SmartDrone takes the genius part out of LIDAR data processing and delivery. Our software suite makes it easy to view your data in the field to reduce re-work.

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