Designed with the user in mind

No extensive learning or previous drone experience is necessary (Part 107 required per FAA). Automated control software makes it easy to fly, and you can learn how to operate the machine in as little as 30 minutes. Discovery can be assembled and disassembled without tools, and can be in the air in less than 5 minutes. A full-scale surveying project can be accomplished with a one-person crew in a fraction of the time needed for traditional survey techniques.

Fastest Generating One Foot Contours

Because every minute matters

We’ve designed a survey-grade LiDAR drone that is able to generate one foot contours that exceed national standards. View results fast in field with our SmartDrone software suite to ensure all areas have been collected before you leave the field. Amplify your team's productivity and speed with a hybrid workflow. 

High-Speed Data Collection

Do the job faster

Discovery can scan up to 60 acres (24 hectares) in 20 minutes. With speeds up to 22mph (10m/s), you can map any property in a fraction of the time needed from traditional methods. 

Profitable Efficiency

Built to maximize ROI

We’ve designed the Discovery to out-perform. Everything you need for complete aerial mapping comes in the box—no nickel and diming!

We are confident that your drone will pay for itself quickly, through reduced labor and maintenance costs. 

Travel-Size Equipment

Everything you need in one ruggedized compact travel-case

Other drones require 2-3 bulky crates to haul all necessary components. Discovery can be stored in a ruggedized travel case.

Streamline Processing

Data at your fingertips

Upon flight completion, your data is ready for rendering. Insert the USB thumb drive into any computer for easy-to-use color point cloud rendering. Quickly analyze your data to help make informed decisions.

1 Foot Contours from SmartDrone Discovery

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