SmartDrone Discovery in flight

Precision Surveying & Aerial Mapping Drone

Smart. Accurate. Affordable LiDAR Technology

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Easy To Use

  • Everything you need in one (1) ruggedized compact travel-case
  • Learn to operate in less than 30 minutes for first time
  • No tools necessary for assembly or disassembly
  • Requires only one person to operate
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SmartDrone and Accessories

Maximum ROI

  • Costs less than competitive survey drones—all parts and software included
  • Reduce labor expenses by completing jobs in a fraction of the time (hours vs. weeks), with less resources
  • Improve profit margins and the ability to expand your business 
  • Improve workflow process, reduce the number of steps in your current workflow
  • Less process steps, less people, and less time to get the job done
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Real-Time Data Processing

  • Powerful onboard computer processes data as it’s recorded
  • Includes 256GB USB 3.0 onboard storage for effortless exporting and rendering
  • Generates survey-grade 3D point-clouds immediately
  • Supports industry standard .las/.laz format
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Rapid Scanning

Aerial Mapping Solution

  • Able to scan large acreage in minutes
  • Can fly up to 22 MPH with a typical mission altitude between 32-131 feet
  • High-capacity, 3D LiDAR sensing, built for performance and reliability
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