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Nationwide Drone Services:
Data Collection & Processing

Fast, accurate, and cost-effective data collection and processing for surveying, construction, engineering, mining, earthwork, solid waste, and more.

Leverage the power of drone mapping & surveying with our service packages.

Our nationwide team of Field Application Specialists are ready to bring you on-demand drone LiDAR and orthomosaic data collection and processing when and where you need it. Experience mapping and surveying like never before.



Take your drone piloting skills to new heights with our Discovery 3's advanced flight modes and intelligent features. From automated tracking to precise waypoint navigation, our drone empowers you to capture stunning footage effortlessly.

LiDAR + Ortho


Our Warp Pro case is built to withstand the toughest conditions, protecting your drone from impact, dust, and water. With its rugged design and customizable foam inserts, it offers unmatched durability and versatility.

LiDAR + Ortho + Linework


Take full control of your Discovery 3 drone with our advanced remote control and seamless app integration. From live video streaming to intelligent flight planning, our technology keeps you connected and in command.

Colorized LiDAR data next to a topographic map


Ideal for crews that need vegetation-filtered topos incl. contours + TIN.

Colorized LiDAR data next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR deliverables + ortho backdrop.

Colorized LiDAR data next to a linework drawing next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho + Linework


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR and ortho deliverables with linework.

A Better Way To Measure

Drone Volumetrics

With our drone volumetric services, you can streamline your operations, track inventory, optimize resources, and make informed decisions to drive success in your industry.

Stockpile Measurement

Our stockpile measurement service utilizes survey-grade drone technology to accurately measure and track stockpile volumes.

Cut & Fill Analysis

Leverage our comprehensive cut and fill analysis to efficiently manage earthmoving tasks and optimize material usage.

An excavator performing a cut and fill at construction site.
Collect.  Process. Deliver.®

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Seamlessly Integrate Our Data with Your Existing Workflows

Our data deliverables can be easily imported into the software of your choice.

"It was kinda a last-ditch effort to call SmartDrone to see if y'all could get us out of trouble, and y'all definitely did. We saw the value in the product."

Casey Jordan

Walker, Warren, & Jordan
Surveying & Mapping

Service across the nation.

On-demand drone mapping services where you need them.


Find answers to common questions about our hardware and services.

How does it work?

Our Discovery 3 drone uses advanced technology to provide high-quality aerial footage. The Warp pro case is designed to protect your drone during transport.

What are the features?

The Discovery 3 drone features GPS navigation, 4K camera, and long flight time. The Warp pro case has a durable exterior and custom foam inserts.

How do I order?

You can order our hardware directly from our website. Simply select the products you want and proceed to checkout.

What is the warranty?

Our hardware comes with a one-year warranty. Please refer to our warranty policy for more details.

How can I contact you?

For general questions or to get support for our services, visit our Contact Us page.

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