Discovery 2

Bring your business into the future of land surveying and mapping with Discovery 2, our entry-level LiDAR drone platform.


One Drone, Two Payloads

Simultaneously capture LiDAR and orthomosaic data with this all-in-one drone.


End-to-End Training Courses

Take flight with confidence with our included SmartDrone Academy courses. From getting your Pt. 107 certification to data processing, our courses will prepare you for success.


Elevating the Standards of Drone Technology

When you choose Discovery 2, you're not just getting a drone; you're partnering with a symbol of regulatory compliance, adherence to national standards, and a testament to the value of American craftsmanship.

Discovery 2

Discovery 2: A Drone Designed with You In Mind

  • Capture LiDAR and Ortho data simultaneously - no need to swap payloads.
  • See through dense vegetation with the power of LiDAR - no more cutting lines.
  • Fly with confidence - get 24/7 access to our online training portal.
  • Receive a perpetual license to our Pulse Data Processor.


  • Flight Height
    • 50 Meters
  • Overlap Requirements
    • 85% - High Vegetation
    • 50% - Open Field
  • Measurements Per Second
    • 163,840

Data Output:

  • LiDAR
    • 1ft grid of Spot Ground Elevations of scan [.2’ accurate]
    • Down Sampled Smart Grid of Spot Ground Elevations for CAD import
    • Full LAS cloud of every spot measured in scene
  • Orthomosaic
    • Instant Orthomosiac
      • Full Resolution Orthomosiac
      • DownSampled Orthomosiac for CAD import
    • ExteriorOrientation files to import the images into Pix4D


  • Spot Ground Elevation are sub 0.2’ accurate
    • Provided software takes in your shots and outputs an Accuracy Report
  • Instant Orthomosiac 1:50 scale map accurate [NMAS Standard]
    • Perfect for topo backdrop images
    • Achieve higher accuracy with Pix4D/ Bentley/ Other photogrammetry processing


  • Discovery 2 drone
  • Rugged Rolling Case
  • Herelink Controller
  • 2x Battery Chargers
  • 8x Batteries (4 sets)
  • Pulse Data Processor (perpetual license)
  • Training Course Access (2 seats for 2 years)
  • Accessory Case (additional memory cards & cables)
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Quality Control Assurance Card

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