An excavator on a worksite is performing a cut and fill for a project.

Cut & Fill Surveying and Analysis

In construction, engineering, and mining, precise earth management is critical to project success. SmartDrone’s Cut and Fill Surveying and Analysis service revolutionizes how you manage and execute earthmoving operations, ensuring optimal use of resources and minimizing environmental impact.

Optimize Your Earthmoving with SmartDrone Cut & Fill Surveying and Analysis

What we offer:

Initial and Subsequent Site Surveys: We start with a comprehensive aerial survey using our state-of-the-art drones, followed by a detailed analysis after your earthmoving activities. Providing intensive QAQC and "eyes on attention to your site's data". This two-point assessment provides a clear, accurate depiction of changes over time.

Detailed Volumetric Analysis: Understand exactly how your material has been moved and how much. Our reports quantify the volume of earth added or removed, enabling precise billing, efficient resource allocation, and compliance with environmental standards.

Actionable Insights: Our analysis translates into direct actions. Optimize your operations based on accurate data, reduce unnecessary work, and ensure that your projects are completed according to specifications.

Why Choose SmartDrone?

Streamline Your Cut & Fill Processes with SmartDrone

Precision Ground Analysis

We don't just estimate or rely on inconsistent truck/load counting for volume. Our cut fill analysis is a true measurement of ground surface change between surveys.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Analyze and adjust material distribution to minimize waste and reduce costs, which is crucial for maintaining a budget and adhering to environmental or design standards.

Enhanced Project Efficiency

Speed up project delivery with precise and rapid site surveys, ensuring your projects adhere to schedules and reduce the risk of costly overruns.

A Better Way To Measure

Discover the Power of Drones for Volumetrics

Discover how our drone-based volumetric services transform the way you measure and analyze land. Fast, accurate, and cost-efficient volume data collection when and where you need it.


Experience rapid mobilization and swift data collection with SmartDrone Volumetrics. Our industrial mapping drones streamline your volumetric surveying process, delivering detailed results in a fraction of the time it takes traditional methods.


Precision is at the core of SmartDrone Volumetrics. Utilizing cutting-edge drone LiDAR and photogrammetric technology ensures the highest accuracy in mapping and measurement, giving you the confidence to make decisions based on data you can trust.


Cut costs without cutting corners with SmartDrone's efficient volumetric solutions. Our drones cover vast areas quickly, reducing the need for multiple on-ground survey teams and project delays. Minimizing labor and maximizing technology with SmartDrone Volumetrics.

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