A Better Way To Measure


Explore our comprehensive volumetric services for accurate stockpile measurement and cut and fill analysis.

An aerial view of a busy stockyard with many stockpiles and machines.

Get Volumetric Measurements with Drones: A Better Way To Measure

Volumetrics play a crucial role in various industries, providing accurate measurements for stockpile management and cut and fill analysis. By utilizing state-of-the-art drone technology, we offer a more efficient and precise way to measure stockpiles and analyze cut and fill. With our drone volumetric services, you can streamline your operations, track inventory, optimize resources, and make informed decisions to drive success in your industry.


Stockpile Measurements

Our stockpile measurement service utilizes calibrated, survey-grade, drone LiDAR and photogrammetry to accurately measure and track stockpile volumes. With our precise measurements, you can optimize your inventory management and make better informed decisions.

No Interruptions

Tracking inventory volume with a drone means no interruptions to your work. We fly and your team stays working below.

Tailored Data Insights

Receive tailored reports that fit your specific business needs, providing clear insights and actionable data to support strategic decisions.

Timestamped Reporting

Benefit from our timestamped data collection, ensuring each inventory report is accurately aligned with specific dates and times.

A 3D image of a stockpile showing the volumetric changes.A 3D image of a stockpile showing the original volume.

Cut & Fill Analysis

Leverage our comprehensive cut and fill analysis to efficiently manage earthmoving tasks and optimize material usage. Ensure cost-effective project execution with our detailed, accurate assessments.

A 3D image of a worksite where cut and fill services have been performed, showing the changed in volume.A 3D image of a worksite where cut and fill services will be performed.

Precision Ground Analysis

We don't just estimate or rely on inconsistent truck counting for volume. Our cut fill analysis is a true measurement of ground surface change between surveys.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Analyze and adjust material distribution to minimize waste and reduce costs, crucial for maintaining budget and environmental goals.

Enhanced Project Efficiency

Speed up project delivery with precise and rapid site surveys, ensuring your projects adhere to schedules and reduce the risk of costly overruns.

Who Needs It?

Volumetrics: Accurate Measurements for Your Industry

Our volumetric services provide precise stockpile measurement and cut and fill analysis for industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture.

An active mine or quarry worksite with multiple excavators and dump trucks.


Maximize resource management and mine planning with SmartDrone's advanced volumetric analysis. Our precision LiDAR mapping captures the minute details of your site, delivering critical data that helps you monitor production and streamline operations

An aerial view of a lone excavator performing earthwork at a construction site.


Build with confidence by leveraging detailed topographic data tailored for construction excellence. Our technology ensures accurate cut-and-fill calculations, aiding in precise grading and efficient material allocation.  All this complemented by day-of high resolution orthomosaics to monitor progress on site.

An aerial view of a long excavator moving solid waste at a landfill.

Solid Waste

Optimize your waste management with SmartDrone's volumetric solutions. Our high-resolution drone imaging and LiDAR technology give you the power to accurately measure landfill volumes, plan for future capacity, and maintain environmental compliance. Enhance your waste operations with data-driven precision for a greener tomorrow.

A Better Way To Measure

Discover the Power of Drones for Volumetrics

Discover how our drone-based volumetric services transform the way you measure and analyze land. Fast, accurate, and cost-efficient volume data collection when and where you need it.


Experience rapid mobilization and swift data collection with SmartDrone Volumetrics. Our industrial mapping drones streamline your volumetric surveying process, delivering detailed results in a fraction of the time it takes traditional methods.


Precision is at the core of SmartDrone Volumetrics. Utilizing cutting-edge drone LiDAR and photogrammetric technology ensures the highest accuracy in mapping and measurement, giving you the confidence to make decisions based on data you can trust.


Cut costs without cutting corners with SmartDrone's efficient volumetric solutions. Our drones cover vast areas quickly, reducing the need for multiple on-ground survey teams and project delays. Minimizing labor and maximizing technology with SmartDrone Volumetrics.

Get On-Demand Drone Volumetrics

Get a free quote for our drone volumetric services and experience a better way to measure.

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