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“The information was well presented, honest and my time was valued... the information provided was relevant... anyone interested in using your equipment to enhance or accelerate their business would benefit from the academy.” - Daniel Cooper, Boxer Aerial

“I didn't find any of the information boring....  I was really impressed with Part 107 information and resources provided." - Willace Johnson, Johnson Surveying & Mapping

“I didn't know a product like that existed or that I would personally have the opportunity to use anything like [it]... I am just like an excited kid when it comes to using cutting edge technology. I want to see drones become an essential tool in surveying.” - Isaac Hammons, Halo Surveying & Mapping

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Upcoming: September 17th - Houston, TX

Join other leaders in surveying and civil engineering who are unlocking the opportunity to augment their teams with fast one foot contours!

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FAA Pt. 107 Study Process

Get complimentary access to resources SmartDrone has developed for studying and passing the FAA Pt. 107 certification, exclusive study cards, and an overview of commercial drone laws. Receive a step-by-step guide for earning your certification, and flying legally.

LIDAR Data Basics

Learn and understand the fundamentals of LIDAR technology: 'How is a point cloud collected?', 'How can LIDAR points be meshed with traditional shots?', and 'How do you measure the accuracy of aerial LIDAR?'

Mission Planning & In Field Data Processing

Plan a mission in the office and then head to the field with your class to deploy the SmartDrone Discovery, and collect your own LIDAR data. Use SmartDrone's software suite to easily generate one-foot contours from the data you just collected. Your data will be stored on a USB stick to take back to your team at the office.


Take a short tour through our headquarters in Tyler, Texas where we manufacture the SmartDrone Discovery. 

In Field Tryout

With SmartFleet training under your belt, the next step is to see an in field tryout.

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Earn CE Credit

Earn 6 hours of Continuing Education credits by attending. Receive a signed course certificate.

Hybrid Workflow

Drones aren't going to replace traditional methods. Learn about how they can augment and speed up your personnel. 

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