Unleash the power of
Discovery 3

Introducing our newest iteration of industrial mapping drones, Discovery 3. Experience improved accuracy, performance, and range.


More Accurate

Experience a 25% accuracy improvement with the advanced features of the Discovery 3. Capture precise data like never before.


More Performance

The Discovery 3 offers a remarkable 168% improvement in foliage penetration, allowing for more accurate and detailed mapping even in the most dense terrain.


More Range

Take your data collection to new heights, literally. The Discovery 3 can fly higher which means safer flights and less terrain following.

The future of surveying is here.

With Discovery 3, impossible jobs now become possible. Experience the power of drone LiDAR and photogrammetry with this all-in-one aerial data collection platform.

An American flag.

Proudly American: Elevating the Standards of Drone Technology

When you choose Discovery 3, you're not just selecting a drone; you're partnering with a symbol of regulatory compliance, adherence to national standards, and a testament to the value of American craftsmanship.

American Made

NDAA Compliant

Remote ID Integrated

Everything You Need

Experience the power and versatility of the Discovery 3 drone. Capture survey-grade data with this all-in-one platform.

In the box:

  • Discovery 3 Drone
  • Rugged Rolling Case
  • Herelink Controller
  • Battery Charger
  • 8x Batteries (4 sets)
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