Discovery 2

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Discovery 2

Includes Advanced Lidar and Orthomosaic Mapping Processor

Breakthrough simplicity. Feasible lidar. The industrial drone you've been waiting for.


12.3 MP


200,000 pt/s


50 acres





< 2/10'



Lidar data you can use.

Watch the lidar and orthomosaic processing video >


Fly Discovery 2, collect high-precision lidar + RGB


Input base station file and coordinates - process


Import your final deliverable to CAD

How it

Typically, it takes high-dollar computers, several software subscriptions, and hours of processing time to create contour maps from aerial lidar data. With SmartDrone, you don't need any of that.

How are we able to deliver lidar data so quickly? The secret behind our Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor is thousands of hours of work from our engineering and development team. Thanks to the development of our algorithms for processing lidar data, the points in a customers scan file are PPK corrected, vegetation filtered, subsampled, and ready for import to any modern CAD software as ground points - all on your own computer, without uploading to a cloud. No extra charge.

After scanning with Discovery 2, the Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor quickly filters and prepares your data for import. Generate 1-foot contours in record time, using your existing CAD workflows.

Efficient 1-foot contours

check shot reporting built in

10-100x faster

to power through the toughest topographic jobs

Unlimited self-service processing

for understanding and checking the work you deliver

Up to 500 acres a day

one person operation

Any team member can use

learn to operate in less than an hour

One-click results in the field

for ensuring the job is done right.

Introducing 12.3 MP RGB Camera

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Capture detail rich photos while collecting lidar data with Discovery 2. Generate georeferenced orthomosaics for large contour backdrops.

Use familiar photo workflows and process orthomosaics faster with SmartDrone's unlimited self-service processing for LiDAR and Orthomosaic deliverable generation.

1":50' map scale or better

Discovery 2 and the Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor features validation to one foot contour standards meeting the criteria from three national organizations. Thanks to this software, your lidar data stays out of the cloud and you don't have to wait for someone else to process your data.

Quickly process from the office, letting our software do the work of classifying terrains, filtering vegetation, and sub-sampling ground shots. In minutes, import your data to any major CAD software and feel good about the work you're delivering.

Speed. Precision. Efficiency.


lidar points per second

< 25 minutes

automated lidar and orthomosaic processing, filtering, and subsampling


faster using aerial topographic surveying vs. traditional methods for one foot contours

50+ acres

per flight

Import into Civil3D,
or any modern CAD workflow.

Importing data processed by our Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor is seamless - plug in your base station file, input the base location, and select the grid output you desire.

Let the processor work and within minutes import our ASCII readable .XYZ file to any modern CAD workflow.

Watch the lidar processing video >

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Thanks to a more thoughtful and intentional design, train any team member for greater coverage and higher productivity using Discovery 2.

Our patented SENSORCORE™ technology provides the capability for high-powered sensors in a fully integrated platform.

Utilizing our own filtration software, Discovery 2 can scan and process 50 acres of lidar data in less than an hour.

More surveying.
Less processing.

Watch the lidar processing video >

.XYZ or .TXT

East, North, Up

1-25+ ft

Choose your grid

Modern CAD software is ready for LIDAR point clouds thanks to SmartDrone's Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor. Select the datum for your job and the grid output you want to see.

Impossible jobs, now possible.

Take on the most difficult topographies - without burning out your crew. Feel confident taking on larger jobs with a scanning tool built for surveying. Discovery 2 is the ultimate in high-precision collection.

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SmartDrone's lidar processing unlocks fast, accurate vegetation filtering, no matter the terrain

Input your grid distance, and get to making surfaces in minutes


Our patented SENSORCORE™ technology provides the capability for high-powered sensors in a fully integrated platform.  SmartDrone engineers designed the best system for attaching, connecting, and powering our Discovery 2 quad-motor drone airframe for use with LiDAR and Hi-Res RGB sensors for the penultimate performance in a drone of its class.  

Because of SENSORCORE™, Discovery 2 can provide increased LiDAR capability with high-speed onboard processing in a complete package.  SmartDrone leads the market with the most value and competitively priced LiDAR capable drone platform.  

"SENSORCORE™ technology differentiates the Discovery 2 platform from all other competitors.  The design avoids other platforms' problems when attempting to assemble various sensor components into a complete product.  Not only does SENSORCORE™ provide an effective and elegant solution with our modular airframe/sensor pairing, but our proprietary software it is also designed to deliver accuracy that meets and exceeds nationally recognized standards." - Rob Cammack, Founder & CEO

An American drone with service after the sale.

We want you to feel good about the data you're delivering to your clients. As a company, it is our mission to make innovative products that help teams work smarter. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Free delivery

Personal training

Support & Service

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Discovery 2

200,000 pt/s 32-channel LIDAR sensor

No extra charge self-service lidar processing

12.3MP Camera with Unlimited Orthomosaic Generation

8 batteries with a combined 200+ acres of mission coverage

64GB removable storage + 256GB internal backup

State of the art GNSS/IMU & static base PPK

Built with SENSORCORE™ technology


Price includes everything you need to get started collecting, processing, and generating deliverables.

Reach out with your questions

What's in the Case

Rugged Wheeled
50 Acre Battery
4x 50 Acre Battery Set (200+ acres)
Discovery 2
Discovery 2
$ 2,499.00 

Tech Specs

In the Box

• Discovery 2 Drone
• Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor Software
• Battery Charger
• 4x 50+ Acre Battery Set
• Mission Planning Controller

Lidar Processing

SmartDrone Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor

No extra charge
In field processing capable
Unlimited self-service lidar processing
Processing time, 50 acres, <25 min

Operating Requirements

Runs on most modern laptops
• i5/i7 processor, 4c/8t, 7th gen or higher
• 256GB SSD or NVMe storage

Lidar Sensor

200,000 pt/s

Ouster OS1-32
Dual return
65m scanning range
Advanced design eliminates need for calibration
Rugged IP68 & IP69K

Camera Sensor

12.3 MP

Lucid Vision Phoenix
Sony IMX304 CMOS
Global shutter
Works with SmartDrone Self-Service Processing
Flight path export reduces Pix4D processing time
Simultaneous RGB & Lidar collection

Battery and Power

150+ acre coverage in the box

Discovery includes three (4) 50+ acre battery sets, made up of eight (8) batteries
Discovery will return to its takeoff point when batteries reach a low charge threshold

Size and Weight

Made in USA wheeled case with handle

14 in x 19.5 in x 24 in
Discovery takeoff weight - 16lbs
Case fully loaded for work - 60lbs
Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof

Flight Controls

Mission planning - QGroundControl
Flight control - Cube Orange (Manufactured in Singapore, DoD compliant)
Flight GPS - Here3
Controller - Herelink Integrated Controller



Removable SD card storage
+ 256GB on-board storage


Direct georeferencing solution

Applanix (a Trimble company) APX-15 GNSS/IMU
Ultra fast data delivery
Consistent, reliable, highly accurate mapping grade results
Survey-grade multifrequency GNSS receiver and MEMS components

336 Channels:
• BeiDou
• Galileo

Supported Software

Import subsampled lidar to your existing workflow

Works with:
• Autodesk / AutoCAD
• Civil3D
• Carlson
• Microstation
• Bentley
• Trimble Business Center
• CloudCompare
• Don't see the software you use? Chances are it will work. We export a .XYZ processed result, talk to us to learn more.

Built-in AMPs

Software to speed your workflow

SmartDrone Advanced Lidar Mapping Processor AMP™ one-click in-field processing & corrections:

• Unlimited self-service processing
• Datum / geoid / elipsoid selection menu
• Full cloud / 1ft - 100ft user selectable grid output
• Automated vegetation filtering
• In field processing
• Virtual base stations / CORS corrected results after 24 hours

SmartDroneOS, runs AMPs™, such as SmartDrone Advance Lidar Mapping Processor AMP™, from the Amplify Marketplace Program™

Warranty and Service

Your Discovery comes with complimentary technical support and a two-year warranty covering any manufacturer defects or problems as long as you follow all state & federal regulations and follow our safe flight guidelines.

Support Options

Second-Year Warranty


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