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SmartDrone is a Lidar drone surveying company and is your trusted provider for U.S. drone topographic mapping services. Our aerial LiDAR technology provides accurate, fast, and cost-effective survey data collection for companies in need of subdivision planning and one foot contours.

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Your consistent, convenient, and flexible crew delivering accurate subdivision planning data, without the hassle.




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How It Works

Surveyors needed to be more productive with fewer people to stay competitive. If surveyors bid too many jobs with their limited crews they may have a hard time delivering. If they can find great help and hire for expansion, they could be carrying too much overhead. There are technological solutions out there, but surveying companies are busy and don’t always have the time to learn new technology. 

SmartDrone Professional LiDAR Scanning

Increased Productivity. Controlled Costs. We Do It For You.

Have too many jobs and can't find enough good people to work?

SmartDrone saw the problem and created not only a hardware and software solution for land surveying, but also developed a do-it-for-you (DIFY) professional service to perform a topographic scan and data collection using aerial LiDAR technology to support land surveyors, civil engineers, and earth workers.

As an exceptionally client service-oriented company, we listened to our customers for feedback, and built a more comprehensive, end-to-end solution that included not only the data collection, but also the software processing to meet the needs of our surveyor customers. The SmartProject services are competitive, fixed-bid pricing which helps to control costs without surprises. With SmartProject, land surveyors, civil engineers and earth workers experienced first hand the benefits of a laser-focused drone surveying solution and developed trust in a real world solution to improve their productivity and help control costs.

• For jobs over 50 acres.
• Competitive, fixed-bid pricing. No surprises.
• We do the complete job for you with the option for on-site education.
• Comparable to a fractional field service crew
• Comprehensive and extensive support, even after the job is done.
• Accuracy and satisfaction guaranteed.

How Does It Work?


Fly Discovery 2, collect high-precision lidar


Input base station file and coordinates - process


Import your final deliverable to CAD

Have too many jobs and limited crews? A SmartProject is the fastest, easiest, and lowest cost solution to get reliable, consistent, and convenient one-foot contour scans. We quickly deliver precise, rich topographic LiDAR data for your surveying job without the overhead.

1) Send us a KML/KMZ outlining desired scan area
2) One of our Field Application Specialists (FAS) will reach out for details
3) Receive a fixed-price quote within 48 hours
4) Sign quote, and schedule
5) A SmartDrone FAS will keep you updated on job progress
6) Digital delivery of all job data, including full scan and filtered terrain models

TIP: Providing a KMZ/KML of the job you have in mind will speed up the quoting process because it provides a clear and consistent job boundary and eliminates most questions we will have for you.

Clients using the SmartProject DIFY solution find a faster, easier, and lower cost way to get reliable, consistent and convenient scalability delivering accurate, rich topographic data quickly, without the overhead. SmartProject extends the ability to deliver fast and accurate surveying data for one foot contours. With SmartProject, SmartDrone helps clients improve efficiency and speed to completion, resulting in increased capacity, margins, and profits.

We're standing by to serve you. Reach out today to learn more!

Import results into Carlson, Civil3D,
or any modern CAD workflow.

Seamless importing of digital terrain models (DTMs) from LiDAR data. Let our FAS drop by your office to deliver the data and coach your through your CAD team through the first import.

Data is provided in your jobs state plane coordinates using ASCII readable .XYZ file for terrain models, integrating into any modern CAD workflow.

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SmartDrone Disclaimer

Visitors should know that SmartDrone provides aerial data collection, collects verification measurements to control results, and uses internal quality control procedures to meet the requirements for each job. SmartDrone does not interpret survey grade information or mark property boundaries in deliverables. SmartDrone’s data gathering does not replace the need for a licensed land surveyor in any state.


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