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The SmartDrone Discovery 3 flies over a plot of land and collects LiDAR and orthomosaic data.

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Colorized LiDAR data next to a topographic map


Ideal for crews that need vegetation-filtered topos incl. contours + TIN.

Colorized LiDAR data next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR deliverables + ortho backdrop.

Colorized LiDAR data next to a linework drawing next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho + Linework


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR and ortho deliverables with linework.

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Capturing Austin's Vibrant Landscape with Premier Drone Mapping Services

In the dynamic city of Austin, TX, where iconic landmarks like the Texas State Capitol and the scenic Lady Bird Lake meet rapid technological and urban growth, SmartDrone delivers unparalleled drone survey and mapping services. Our expertise in drone land surveying, enhanced by the latest drone LiDAR technology, is ideally suited to capture the essence of Austin’s diverse and evolving terrain.

Tailored Drone Mapping for Austin’s Urban Development and Natural Landmarks

Austin's mix of historic sites, bustling downtown areas, and natural attractions like Zilker Park and Barton Springs Pool, requires a specialized approach to land surveying. SmartDrone’s drone mapping services provide detailed, high-resolution aerial imagery essential for urban planning, cultural heritage preservation, and environmental management.

Our drone LiDAR services are especially beneficial in Austin, offering crucial insights for development projects around landmarks such as the University of Texas campus and the Congress Avenue Bridge, famous for its bat colony. This technology enables precise planning while ensuring the protection and preservation of these local treasures.

SmartDrone: A Strategic Partner in Austin’s Story of Innovation and Growth

SmartDrone is more than a provider of drone surveying and mapping; we are a partner in Austin's journey towards innovative growth and sustainable development. We understand the city's unique character and offer customized drone survey solutions to support the diverse needs of our clients, whether they are involved in real estate, construction, or preserving Austin's cultural and natural heritage.

Choosing SmartDrone for your Austin projects means collaborating with a team that brings unparalleled expertise, precision, and innovative technology, ensuring superior results that resonate with the city's vision and values.

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