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The SmartDrone Discovery 3 flies over a plot of land and collects LiDAR and orthomosaic data.

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Colorized LiDAR data next to a topographic map


Ideal for crews that need vegetation-filtered topos incl. contours + TIN.

Colorized LiDAR data next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR deliverables + ortho backdrop.

Colorized LiDAR data next to a linework drawing next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho + Linework


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR and ortho deliverables with linework.

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SmartDrone in Chicago: Pioneer Drone Mapping Company in the Windy City

In the heart of the Midwest, Chicago stands as a beacon of architectural marvels and urban complexity. SmartDrone is at the forefront in this bustling metropolis, offering comprehensive drone survey and mapping services. Our expertise in drone land surveying, combined with the latest in drone LiDAR technology, positions us to provide unparalleled drone survey services tailored to Chicago’s multifaceted environment.

Advanced Drone Mapping for Chicago's Architectural and Urban Planning

The architectural grandeur and dense urban planning of Chicago call for a sophisticated and precise approach to land surveying. SmartDrone’s drone mapping services deliver high-resolution, accurate aerial data essential for a variety of applications. This includes detailed planning of high-rise constructions, infrastructure development, and urban redevelopment projects.

Our drone LiDAR services are particularly advantageous in a city like Chicago, where capturing the intricacies of both the built environment and natural landscapes is crucial. This technology facilitates in-depth analysis and planning, crucial for maintaining Chicago's iconic skyline and supporting its urban expansion.

Revolutionizing Survey and Mapping in Chicago with SmartDrone’s Expertise

SmartDrone goes beyond providing drone survey and mapping services; we are a committed ally in Chicago's ongoing story of architectural and urban evolution. We understand the city's unique challenges, from its towering skyscrapers to sprawling parklands, and offer customized drone survey solutions to meet the exacting demands of our clients in construction, real estate, and urban planning.

Choosing SmartDrone for your projects in Chicago means partnering with a leader in drone technology. We bring unmatched precision, efficiency, and innovative solutions to every task, ensuring the highest quality results for your most complex projects.

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