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The SmartDrone Discovery 3 flies over a plot of land and collects LiDAR and orthomosaic data.

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Colorized LiDAR data next to a topographic map


Ideal for crews that need vegetation-filtered topos incl. contours + TIN.

Colorized LiDAR data next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR deliverables + ortho backdrop.

Colorized LiDAR data next to a linework drawing next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho + Linework


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR and ortho deliverables with linework.

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Cutting-Edge Drone Mapping Services in South Carolina

Greenville, SC, with its picturesque downtown, scenic landscapes, and burgeoning development, is an ideal landscape for SmartDrone's sophisticated drone survey and mapping services. Our expertise in drone land surveying, enriched by cutting-edge drone LiDAR technology, positions us to deliver exceptional drone survey services suited to Greenville’s diverse and evolving terrain.

Customized Drone Mapping for Greenville's Urban Development and Natural Preserves

Greenville’s harmonious blend of historical sites, expanding urban areas, and natural wonders requires a nuanced and precise approach to land surveying. SmartDrone’s drone mapping services provide accurate and detailed aerial imagery, vital for various applications from urban development projects to environmental conservation efforts.

In a city that prides itself on maintaining a balance between growth and preservation, our drone LiDAR services are especially valuable. They enable detailed analysis and aid in sensitive planning processes, ensuring that Greenville’s growth is sustainable and respects its natural and historical heritage.

SmartDrone: A Strategic Ally in Greenville’s Sustainable Growth

At SmartDrone, we offer more than just drone surveying and mapping; we offer a partnership in Greenville’s journey towards thoughtful and sustainable development. We understand the unique aspects of this charming city and tailor our services to support the diverse needs of our clients, whether in real estate, construction, environmental management, or historical preservation.

Choosing SmartDrone for your Greenville projects means collaborating with a team that brings unparalleled expertise, precision, and innovative technology to every task, ensuring superior results that align with the city's vision and values.

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