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Fast, accurate, and cost-effective drone data collection in Kentucky.

The SmartDrone Discovery 3 flies over a plot of land and collects LiDAR and orthomosaic data.

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Colorized LiDAR data next to a topographic map


Ideal for crews that need vegetation-filtered topos incl. contours + TIN.

Colorized LiDAR data next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR deliverables + ortho backdrop.

Colorized LiDAR data next to a linework drawing next to an orthomosaic
LiDAR + Ortho + Linework


Ideal for crews that need LiDAR and ortho deliverables with linework.

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SmartDrone's Advanced Mapping Solutions: Revolutionizing Projects in Louisville, KY

In the heart of Kentucky, Louisville stands as a hub of cultural, architectural, and developmental diversity. SmartDrone recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities this presents for professionals in surveying, civil engineering, construction, and real estate development. Our specialized field application specialists are equipped to provide top-notch drone mapping services across Louisville, utilizing cutting-edge technology to capture survey-grade data.

Tailoring Drone Mapping to Louisville's Landscape and Industry Needs

Louisville's blend of historical buildings, new developments, and expansive landscapes requires a nuanced approach to mapping and surveying. Our LiDAR and orthomosaic mapping services offer invaluable tools for accurate land assessment, project planning, and execution. Whether it's a new real estate development near the bustling downtown or a civil engineering project along the Ohio River, SmartDrone delivers data that is not only precise but also actionable.

Our line work services are particularly beneficial for Louisville's ongoing infrastructure projects. By providing detailed topographical data, we enable smoother project management and ensure that all planning aligns perfectly with the physical realities of the site.

SmartDrone: Your Local Partner in Building Louisville's Future

Our commitment at SmartDrone goes beyond providing advanced drone mapping services. We strive to be an integral part of the Louisville community, understanding its unique dynamics and contributing to the city's growth and development. For surveyors, engineers, constructors, and developers, SmartDrone is more than a service provider; we are a partner in progress.

Louisville's development projects demand the best tools and expertise, and SmartDrone is equipped to meet these demands. Our professional services are just a call away, ready to bring our technological advantage to your Louisville project, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and success.

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