Our Team

Rob Cammack

Founder, CEO

Taylor Dixon

Co-Founder & Data Lead

Drew Whitehurst

VP Engineering

Traci Nichols

Corporate Controller

Chris McKulsky

Mechanical Engineer Lead

Valerie Hammontree

Manufacturing Engineer Lead

Bailey Franklin

Marketing Lead

Michael Ash

FAS Team Lead

Tony Vera

Engineering Test Pilot

Konrad Kern

Data Scientist

Aaron Blowers

Executive Aide

Michael McDowell

Manufacturing Technician

Bobby Mullinax

FAS South Carolina

Brandon Collins

FAS El Paso

Gary Phipps

FAS St. Louis

Austin Griffith

FAS Chicago

Mason Smith

FAS Regional Support

What We Do

SmartDrone is a leader in drone surveying innovation and technology for accurate land surveying, utilizing U.S. manufactured drone hardware to collect feasible aerial LiDAR data, combined with streamlined processing software for that data.

Who We Work With

SmartDrone promises a laser-focused solution for land surveyors, civil engineers, and earth workers, delivering efficient and accurate drone-enabled data collection and processing.

How We Bring Value

SmartDrone improves efficiency and speed to completion for land surveying data collection and processing, resulting in increased capacity, margins, and profits over traditional surveying processes.

Our Beliefs

1. We believe in respect because doing the right thing is important to building trust in each other.

2. We believe that egos get in the way of success, and humility drives better cooperation and outcomes.

3. We believe that honest communication requires transparency and builds trust.

4. We believe it is important to show gratitude for each other, for our customers and for the opportunity to serve.

5. We believe persistence is key to success. We don’t give up on ourselves or our customers.

6. We believe we are doing something important and valuable for our customers, saving time and increasing information for their business.

7. We believe that the time and effort it takes to deliver professionalism and excellence makes a difference in our success.

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